Here creative Professionals become successful entrepreneurs.

Many calls them "case studies". To us, they are the testimonies of professionals and entrepreneurs that are building the future by spreading their expertise online.

Who are the Digital Professionals that use Business in Cloud

Trainers, Lawyers, Coaches, Personal Trainers, Accountants, Real Estate Agents, Therapists, Doctors, Travel Agents, Teachers, Designers, Consultants, Artisans, Wedding Planners, Beauticians, Marketers...

Personal Trainers like Ines

From mother to successful businesswoman, Ines was in need of a tool to let her earn an income by working from home.

Ines Mancinelli

Travel agents like Damiano

”If i made it, you can make it too!” says Damiano Depalma, TD of a travel agency that launched his succesful online business, thanks to a revolutionary platform.

Damiano Depalma

Travel Agent School and Crea il tuo viaggio

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Professionals and Digital Entrepreneur like you decided to renovate themselves and leverage this technology to spread their expertise and convert them into a succesful business.

Consultants like Eddi

Always busy finding new house-to-house customers. Eddi managed to save time and forbear the commercial network. Now he acquire customers online and helps hundreds of CAF workers to multiply their income.

Eddi Buffalo

Support work SRL

Coaches like Marco Bigornia

Spent a life teaching PNL and coaching, he finally decided to bring his asset online to make his business scalable

Marco Bigornia

Allenati per l'eccellenza

Your Business is our Business

Trainers, Consultants, Coaches, Travel Agents, Teachers, Accountants, Lawyers, thousands of Professionals chose us to convert their job into a Digital Business

Dance Teachers like Marco

He's not only a Dance teacher, but also an entrepreneur and consultant. Marco helps Dance schools to grow and place themselves on the market by leveraging the IT, just like he did.

Marco Zingarelli

Dance Marketing Company

Convert your job into a successful Digital Business

What they say about us

Mara Mussoni

Cancer Coach

Raffaele Galasso


Claudia Crescenzi

Life Coach

Investors and Advisors

The best marketers, entrepreneurs and trainers have chosen our platform

Massimo Chieruzzi

General Manager, AdEspresso at Hootsuite

”Educational marketing was the key to success for AdEspresso, my startup that i sold in 2017 to Hootsuite. I really believe that the team of Business in Cloud have the power to revolutionize the world of online training.”

Giorgian Putanu

Vendita automatica online

”I believed in the team and their product since the start! I was the first to bring Infusionsoft to Italy, but today i suggest Business in Cloud to my customers and i invested in Social Academy, the agency who built it.”

Max Formisano

Trainer and CEO of Max Formisano Academy

”Finally a team and a software in italian that allows professionals and entrepreneurs to automatize all it's needed for marketing and selling purpose.”

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